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New Mexico State University
Information & Communication Technologies
Department of Video Services

ICT Video Services Rm. 130, Computer Center

Video Services Contacts

Director of ICT Telecommunication & Networking Services:
Norma Grijalva
(575) 646-7767
Video Services Coordinator
Francisco Martinez
(575) 646-8200


Video Services primary role is to design, implement and maintain the fundamental video conferencing, internet data streaming and cable television infrastructure for New Mexico State University. If you have any questions regarding ICT Video Services please feel free to contact us.


Video Conferencing

- H.323 (IP) capable

- Multipoint Bridging with codec and speed conversion, and continuous presence features

- Gateway service H.323 conference

Media Conversion

- Convert analog or digital content to a standard digital format

- Supported Digital Formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real Media, and AVI

Webcast and Streaming Video & Internet Data Streaming

- Encoding services for live Webcasts and archival encoding of audio and video programming, including lectures, meetings, satellite downlinks, and other sources.

- Live Video/Audio Streaming for any live event broadcast

- Video On-Demand (VOD) and Audio Streaming for post production digitized streaming content

- Supported Streaming Formats: QuickTime and Windows Media

Webcast and Streaming Video Archive